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Prevent unpleasant disasters, groundwater pollution and sewage backups with a team you can count on. Call on Hampshire Effluent for a range of drainage services today.

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Valuable solutions from a team you can trust

Maintaining your drainage may not sound like the most appealing of jobs, but we're committed to doing it, and without the fuss!

For over a quarter of a century, Hampshire Effluent has been the chosen name for Andover, Alton and the surrounding areas, in the comprehensive maintenance of drainage systems of every type. Our main goal is to keep things working correctly, in a bid to prevent any nasty repercussions for our customers! From thorough inspections and general maintenance to extensive repairs and realignment, we'll do everything in our power to ensure your drainage system does not falter.

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Listen to those tell-tale signs

If you've noticed slower drainage from your sinks or toilet, or even an unpleasant odour within and around your property, there could be a blockage within your system. Although you may think it will pass, delaying attention to this could cause much bigger problems down the line, from pipe damage to overflowing! A quick call to Hampshire Effluent means you can see your drains cleared in no time. Need us in a hurry? We're available 24/7.

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Drainage surveying and inspections

Your drainage system handles a lot, but overtime general wear and tear can start to take its toll. Regular inspections and CCT surveys allow Hampshire Effluent to detect any areas of concern and take the relevant steps before issues arise. Should cleaning, water jetting or alignment be required, our experienced team can handle this too.

What do you require?

  • New drain installations 

  • Drain unblocking and cleaning

  • Drain realignment 

  • No dig services 

  • High-pressure water jetting 

  • CCT surveys and inspections 

  • General maintenance

  • 24-hour call outs, 7 days a week

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Need us in a hurry?

If you require rapid response for drain unblocking, call us on 07442 492057. For less urgent queries, feel free to complete our contact form, and we'll get back to you asap.

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